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Best 5 camp experiences for the beginners list

 The best 5 camp experiences for beginners starts with  a list and of course that list means different things to each new camper.

Let me explain first that you need a starting point. Now the sooner that you acknowledge that you need a starting point and except that you actually need to take that first step the better.

Number one, take action, try camping. At any level this is a do, just go for it. Get a tent or go with a friend if you have to, but go. Know that any effort is a step forward. Pack your own stuff. A second set of dry cloths, swimsuit, extra pair of shoes, a blanket, sleeping bag and some easy to make or eat food and a flash light.

Number two, set up camp or help a friend set up the tent.

Number three, make a fire. Yes, I know this seems stupid and all. But like try starting a fire by yourself. It's not rocket science, but note the experience is the best teacher here. If you fail at something and then someone shows you how to do it. Go back and try it again.

Pine cones  make perfect fire starters.                        (Pine cones make perfect fire starters.)

When you were little, you tried to walk and fell. What did you do? Why you got back up and tried again, but you did learn to walk.

You graduate to starting a fire quickly and move on to boiling water, then experimenting with cooking food. Keep moving forward.

Look, you will learn how to get to the point of cooking marshmallows over an open flame. This is the start of any ones camp experiences.

Let's recap here before we continue.

1) You took the bull by the horns. YOU STARTED TO ACT. I am going camping.    2) You got involved, YOU HELPED SET UP CAMP.                                               3) YOU TRIED STARTING A FIRE. If you failed.try again. You will be doing this a lot!                                                                                                                             4) YOUR EXPERIENCE OR TAKE AWAY. This is different for everybody. It builds confidence, memories and self awareness.                                                              Clear thoughts after a day of camping.

                           (You can't put a price on those memories at camp.)

  5) DO LIKE YOU DO AT HOME. Do you sleep? Of course you do.  Did you forget a pillow? I bet you won't forget that next time or were you clever and made some article of clothing into a pillow.

At home you would take out a pan and cook something to eat. This is no different. You brought food and a pan. You need to test out that new skill and put it to use at the same time. "Got fire, start it up?"

You are slowly making building blocks of your new found friend, "camping."

To some it up,Take action to go camping, Go with a friend and get involved by helping setup the tent and campsite.Gather dry wood and start the camp fire. A failure is actually a win win. Yes, get back in the saddle, try it again.

After you master that and you will. Do some basic cooking, boil water and toast marshmallows and cook some beans in a pot. It is not hard. Compare what you brought along with your friend. 

Tent, blankets, cloths, food, fuel for fire, cooking pans and flash light. Is it all there?

Camping brings out the best in you.

You will slowly begin to appreciate the smaller things that make you happy. Your memories will become priceless over the silliest things that happen to you.

You have entered into the secrets of a happy camper. You might not get it at first, but something about camping will catch you off guard. Maybe that walk for ice cream, the cool breeze or the smell of what your neighbor is cooking next door.

I challenge you, go camping.












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