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Chief Tantaquidgeon and the boy scouts of troop14

We go to the casino and they celebrate the indians of the past. Of course you can read about it in the history books.

Guess what, I was there, I mean I remember. The mohegan indians started there casino in 1992. If you were around just a few years before that, you may have had the experience of a life time.

Corn on a wood floor.

A real indian. He was very seldom called Harold. That may have been a name the white man gave him. 

We knew him as Chief Tantaquidgeon and when he was asked by the right people in the right place he would perform.

The boy scouts and I mean Troop 14 of Norwich Connecticut called on him to do a rain dance or a brave warrior dance. Yes, he could not refuse. He would appear in full dress and with the full head dress too. It was quite the site.

I don't know where all the rest of them were, they never showed up. 

Chief Tantaquidgeon of Uncasville Connecticut

Yes today you can still go to Fort Scantock. It's got a very small dirt road to a tiny parking lot and access to the river. We launched our canoe there once.

Old boy scout from troop 14

Back to Chief Tantaquidgeon. He was as true an indian as there ever was. He opened a Musuem in front of the road. You might call it a one room house or building. No electricity and no running water though. There was no bath room either.

So, there were grave sites all around the building. You walked in and the only thing in there were glass show cases. He made his own arrowheads and sold them to live.

There were no employees and no indians. Just him.

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