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Ever try to get that perfect picture?

Ever try to get that perfect picture around the holiday's? You know the kids and the adults can't seem to stop what they are doing to get the perfect smile and everybody looking the same way at the same time?

We have all been there. We always have a summer picture of all of us together in the same spot , so we can compare them with the year before. If you can't make it, we will do our best to put your face on a paper plate and take the picture.

Of course families change. Some people might have another kid that they didn't have the year before. 

My father in-law is getting very old and can only stay for a couple of hours before he gets tired and needs to leave. Last year he was about to leave and we hadn't got the picture yet.

We scrambled to move into the house to get him close and he fell over. He was not injuried, but he could have very easily gotten hurt. We got the picture, but should think twice for next time.

Three kids riding their bikes and wearing helmets.

This Easter we wanted to get a perfect shot of the three grand kids on their bikes. Of course, they didn't care as you can see.

I was real happy though, because they worn their helmets

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