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Give me the freebie every time, is that you?

Give me the freebie every time. If it's free count me in or if it's free it's me. Does this sound like you?

I've gone to events through out the year and part of the fun is getting the free stuff. We have all done it. Over the past few months I've been to a lot of events and this is just an added bonus to the event or festival.

The Camp jingle song.

Just this past Saturday I went to one of these events. It was in Bethlehem Connecticut. The event was the "Womens Fall Small Business Fair." It was held at the Memorial Hall on "ten to the green."

You won't find it on the internet or the GPS, believe me, I tried. I was not invited. At least as a vendor, but the public of course was welcomed. I tried to get in, because I knew the venue was not full.

Now, like I said, I was not invited to set up and sell goods for smooth camp zone, this was women only. After asking one last time, they said "yes."

Yes, you can setup, but you can't sell anything. Okay, I can setup, but what, not sell anything. I said, OKAY.

Smooth Camp Zone first vendor event.

Now things are slow selling camp gear after the summer and I had been testing out a new project on anyone that would listen. I figured I'd try something new. This would be my first vendor event ever and I would be the guy giving stuff away.

So, I bought squirt guns and bottles of bubbles in a 3 pack to give away at the event, but I wanted something in return. It would be easy to just say "hears my business card."

I did not even want to be that pushy, of course you could grab a business card and leave, but even that was pushing it. I want you to participate in some way. I knew this was for the kids, not for my bottom line.

I settled on a jingle. Sing the jingle and get a FREE kid prize. Actually, I left out the word FREE. It was just "sing jingle & get a kid prize."

"Where ever you are get to the smooth camp zone, the smooth camp zone. Fun escape challenges for you and me, buy a tent and climb a tree."

Pretty sure this thing would be a flop. There were two young boys running back and forth, sliding up and down the banister and using up all their energy on moving around. You have probably seen this every time you go out in public.

Someone said to me, "Ask them to come over for a free prize." They said, "If you don't, I will."

Within 5 minutes I had 1 girl and 2 boys at my table asking questions for that free prize. "Sure, kids, sing the jingle. Where ever you are gettttttttttttt to the smoothcampzone ..........................." That's it just read the lines and sing until you get to 'buy a tent and climb a tree."

Before I knew it they song the song and picked their prize. I though that would be the end of it.

It did not take very long before every young kid at the place was at my table. If they could not sing, they would bring mom along to sing for them. We even had a grandmother sing for her granddaughter and a free prize.

Women fall small business event.

It turned out to be a fantastic day. You should have seen the happy glow on those kids faces as they sang and got their rewards. I would do it again in a heart beat. I plan on going bigger at the next event. 

"See you at the next event."




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