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How many ways are there to camp out?

Camping out can take on many forms. Ideally a grab and go experience is the best.

If you only need the cloths on your back and possibly that backpack, it's the best.

On a resent cruise in November we were the top dogs. Having the highest suite and having three personal assistants was the ultimate vacation for a week on the high sea's. 

We might never live like rock stars again.

Having said that, there were some things we all had in common. We were stuck on  a ship with whatever weather the sea through at us. It was all good.

View from top of ship                     Need a Time Machine to go back.

I should be trying to sell you a tee shirt, backpack or fanny pack here, but everyone needs to chillout from that at some point.

Even though we never really needed to go out of this luxury suite we did and everytime I thought we would not see or learn anything new.

Two of us saw a fist fight in a sports bar on board that left these two guys on the island after we left. Another six people had there names called on the P.A. system before we departed on the last day in Bermuda. They were left on the island.

Being the rock star has it's pervilages, but we were humble and didn't forget where we came from. I asked several people about the big suite we had and only 3 people even knew about this hidden gem on the ship.

We had 2 private huge decks, our own outside hot tub, 6 bottles of alcohol, 3 separate bedrooms each having it's own hot tub and living room big enough to entertain 16 people with a fine tuned piano in it.

Piano in the room on cruise ship

Each room had a view of the ocean and public area with one way glass. Yes, we could just watch the outside pool, live band and patrions getting drunk while in the comfort of our living room and watch tv at the same time.

I am pretty sure we will never experience something this big ever again, but each person on that boat would be offered cruise packages that if the price was right or they could afford it. Could actually get this same combo of luxury that we were lucky enough to get!

If I was to rate this trip best out of 10, I would rate it "Boarder line eleven."

Everything was perfect in my eyes even though the casino was small and extremely smoky. But you wouldn't expect it to be another Foxwoods.

To bring our feet back down on the ground was the shore excursions.

You needed to be in good physical shape to get the full experience. 

We had 2 and a half days to explore what the island had to offer.

First day we hung low not doing much and realizing too late that shore excursions filled up quickly. So we went to the beach and 4 hours went by fast as the 30 minite ride was subtracted from that. It was worth every penny, even the 17.50 to rent a beach chair on the pink sand.

The only time we got Island money was from the locals at the beach. Everywhere else it was american green backs in our change after making a purchase.


On day two we planned a sunset cruise, but first we planned a trip to the crystal caves. We did not realize that we needed to take a boat ride to the middle of the island, hike 3 blocks to transit station and use a public bus to get to the far end of the planet to see the crystal rock formations.

After that we took a direct public boat shuttle to get us back to the main ship to freshen up a little before the 4:30 sunset catamaran excursion.

WE swizzled back to the big ship after. The swizzle is an island rum drink that will have you crawling sideways before you know it.

It was exciting, nerve racking and fanstastic all at the same time.

For the last day even though it rained hard, we were determened to climb to the top of Gibbs Lighthouse & go to the island shops, knowing that we needed to be on the ship by 2 pm for the 3 pm departure.

Map back from Bermuda

We made it, but 6 people did not.

If you ever take a cruise ship out of New York city like we did, the traffic is a nightmare. 

I highly recommend you do what we did.

We took a shuttle(cab) from the ships to Empire Casino. That way your firend that picks you up after that vacation is just outside of the headache traffic with easy access to get you back to connecticut.

This story is not about camping. However, your camping skills will help you adapt to most situations.

I hope it was a welcome break from the Corona events we now face. 

Our prayers go out to all the men and women in the public sector that are helping us in this time of need. We hope everyone has a quick recovery from this event.

This pandemic is an opportunity for communities to come together and those of us that are campers can help others adapt to the environment we are in.

We all have a little camper inside of us that will guide our neighbors through this. 

Happy Trip, Happy Camper.

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