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I'm not going to lie, my wife doesn't fly

I'm not going to lie, my wife doesn't fly. That is not to say we didn't try it. Heck she's flown 4 times and I've flown a total of seven times in our live times. Each time with a different outcome. 

You lose your space, privacy and you give up control of your destination. The planes are cramped and carry germs. There's security and the list goes on.

This is not to say that you shouldn't fly, because some people love it. Just that we don't.

Now travel by train, bus or car has it's hidden pleasures. You can get out and deviate from the original plan. It's slower of course, but you control the experience.

I'm not going to lie, my wife doesn't fly.

We once took the kids to Disney in Florida and brought the "outlaws" with us. Opps, the in-laws. I remember my wife was terrified of the landing and takeoff. Those engines seemed to be at maximum throttle and then the brakes were released as the plane was shaking to keep up. Up, up and away we go.

I remember Nana shouting to the kids as their ears popped at 20 thousand feet, "Chew, chew, chew keep chewing the gum that pain will go away."

Not a bad trip, but just stuff that happened to us.

Our night out finally came. The reason we brought the extra adults, to go out without the kids. We partied outside of the park near the disney mall, we danced at every bar they provided. I even tried to cross the bridge by the Dixie boat with our rental van. Although the staff stopped us from proceeding, it was a good trip minus the plane ride.

Back to the travel on the ground.

As a kid my parents would travel from Connecticut to Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. We'd stop in Washington and even parked right in front of Lincoln Memorial. Yes, this was way before 911. Every time we traveled to the south, the drive was all part of the experience. I would not trade those memories for anything.

They always told this story of me potty training in the back of the station wagon while crossing the Washington Bridge and a truck driver honking. They seemed to like being entertained by that story, but again all the travel in station wagons I would not trade for anything.

I can't lie, my wife doesn't fly

We went on a Carnival Cruise before 911 and the only way to get there was to fly to Miami. This flight out of town and back would be our last one, but memorable.

We stayed over at a hotel at the airport with friends the night before. Excellent plan. We all had our new carry on tote bags with the side bottle included. You remember those, right? It was a 90's thing.

Each bottle was filled with the alcohol ingredient of our favorite drink. Soda was supplied on the flight. We all got drunk on this adult flight. It was a nice autumn type day when we left. No issues with plane or arrival.

So, we were on an hour bus ride to the ship, "The Ecstasy." After one day at sea we arrived in the Bahamas. Each couple had there own stories to tell on the way home, us included.

Just on more time on the plane, then back home. It was a quick little mini vacation.

About 40 minutes before landing though, we had turbulence and there were signs of a whiteout from our window seat. The plane seemed to skid a little and to our surprise we left warm and shiny to cold and 4 feet of snow. Wow.

Why my wife won't fly.

I won't bore you with these rambling stories anymore. Okay, just one.

We don't get to go on vacation to often, but we like Disney and that Mouse in Florida. So, we decided to go one more time. Last February we were to go.

Our family has grown in size, but we will be flying anyways. Now when I say fly I mean, rent a Ford Expedition. It will be packed with cloths for 12 days, 4 adults and 2 grand children. The other sibling will get on a flight in Hartford and meet us there. We leave around 10 or 11 at night to reach the other side of New York and not hit much traffic. This is a 20 to 25  hour trip, but we are giving our selves 2 days to get there.

Bags are packed in the car and we are leaving in 5 minutes. Ah, nothing is going to stop us, then the phone rings.

Photo with Mickey

We packed the car so one person would be able to stretch or change a diaper if necessary. There was a snow storm coming in, but by my calculations, we could get ahead of it. We would be in Maryland by the time we hit it.

Back to that phone, it might be important!

"Hello Dad, can you pick me up? My flight leaves in the morning and it will probably be canceled, otherwise I won't be on this vacation with you guys."

How can you say no to your own kid? "Sure, we will pick you up in an hour, be ready?"

Needless to say the car was crowded, but everyone had a seat. Mickey, we're coming!

This is the stuff that makes memories!


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