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Let's start with the things you will have available to you.

Let's start with the things available to you while camping. 

Today is a new day with a new approach.

Trailer park camping

In survival of course you will need plenty of everything. "Rinse and Repeat, where have I heard that before?"

Look most of us just want to have fun and actually be around people. If you are going to use a flint or rub to sticks together, it will be just for fun. Am I right?

Bear toasting your marshmallows.

These are not caveman times by any means, so let's start with what will be supplied.

At most public and privately owned camp grounds the following things are a given.

Water and showers, yes showers are available. Drinking water may not taste good, but is free from the water spicket. You could buy your own case of water to drink and bring it with you, your option.

Wood is available to purchase at the camp store. You can bring in your own, however in recent years certain states don't want you transporting wood from state to state. Trees can carry disease, fungus or gypsy moths into an area in no time. Something for you to think about!

Communication, I know we all think we can't live without every electronic device there every was. Truth be told, you can live without it. The camp staff is available to physically huff it over to find you in any event.

Maps, local interests and basic camp supplies. Yes, the staff is more than willing to help with all of these. Now keep in mind they are not required to keep a fully stocked grocery store, new camp stove and tent on the shelf.

RULES, I don't make this stuff up. You are bound by the rules of the camp ground. I have seen many a time people getting booted out for not following them. The action is immediate. The Staff will stand over you and watch until you have completely packed up your stuff and in the car leaving. Anytime a bad situation can be defused is good.

We are all camping for one result, a good experience and memories to tell that next story!

Entertainment, there is always something to do and learn. Maybe even swimming lessons. These are timed events.

Bear surfing

Now on to you.

Do bring a good attitude and answer questions correctly. Trust is a must, they are welcoming you into their backyard.

Bring your own, food, utensils, pans, sleeping gear, flashlights, personnel hygiene products and complete camper or tent. The camp ground doesn't carry spare parts for your camper or tent. You are expected to know how to setup camp and know where the boundary line is to the nearest campsite.

Listen up. A backup stove, hibachi or basic charcoal grill should be brought along. 

If winds pickup or the forest is extremely dry the management may restrict use of that open campfire. If you were planning on cooking in the fire pit, your screwed.

There is plenty of room to fulfill the happy camper or kid in all of us.

One last thing, we all want the best for our kids and in the end you are responsible for their safety. Having said that, they will meet new friends and have lasting relationships with this group. Camp grounds with lots of kids are generally very safe and at some point you will trust them with their friends.

Have a gathering with the parents and their kids early on in the relationship to be sure.

Teach your kids not to talk to strangers and always stay with the group. A group of kids is powerful and an enjoyable experience. 


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