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Plastic is Fantastic for all Your Camping Needs.

Plastic is fantastic in any campers world. I don't want to date myself here, but I remember the days of the heavy canvas tarps and tents. Sometimes they leaked, smelled in the heat or maintained an undesired temperature. Yes, those old days had there pioneer moments.

I was recently asked to bring the picture puzzles back, so here we go. You may not be in the mood to watch a video of somebody doing something stupid or just sick of looking at products you can't afford or don't want.

I can assure you of one thing. Camping is a lot like doing a puzzle. You will need to figure out what to do with the tools you have on hand. And YES, you are sharpening your brain skills at the same time. I want you to be ready when it's time to CONQUER the task at hand.

Move on to today and everything is light and breathable. Nylon is widely used along with plastic.

Plastic tarps are the gold standard of any campsite. They protect anything from getting wet. Plastic bags have a dual purpose too. Used for garbage, clean cloths or a hamper to keep track of all those dirty cloths, just to name a few.

puzzle clues

Plastic containers with lids, well you get the picture here, more uses.

I could go on with ziplock bags, tie wraps and food containers too. We have come a long way, sure.

Now, on to the bad news. We need to recycle when possible. Plastic is not biodegradeable.  Which means it will not rot in the ground in our life time. 

Plastic is not good for cooking at camp. Don't try it, it will melt and the toxins will make you sick.

I bring this up at a time when you can save the planet. Yes, that's right. I said you.

The ocean is filling up with the liter of all that plastic floating around and the fish may die or you may die someday from eating the fish.

Sorry, I got off in Davies Locker here!

I have an important message for you though. 

Anything you bring into the woods that is not naturally found in nature needs to leave with you at the end of your camp experience. Plastic is no exception. If left behind a animal could mistake it for food. 

Yes you have a responsibility to leave a clean foot print. Things like newspaper or fire wood could be left behind as they will go back to there original state naturally.

STUMPED? ANSWER TO THE PUZZLE CLUES.  Click Here  to find answer to puzzle.

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