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Shelter Skills, do you have what it takes?

Shelter skills, do you have what it takes? Notice I didn't say survival skills. These are 2 different things here. The first could be basic skills learned by ordinary people. However to have survival skills is very intense and extreme. You will need to prove yourself on multiple levels and in an instant.

Let's look at shelter and break it down a little bit. Shelter is keeping out of the weather and wind, also staying dry. If your clothes are wet or not, you may need to make a fire. 

Shelter skills might be needed here.

A pocket knife or a small axe may be one of the only tools you need. You may also have more options available. A tarp, tent, car, cabin or a bridge to take cover.

With not much effort you might be able to build a lean to. This is a structure that already has a wall or side. You just need to put a top on it and have it leaning down. Evergreen tree branches in the woods can be stacked on top of each other rather  quickly to make this work. Pine trees are a good source for this.

Perching yourself under a rock formation or between trees in some cases works too. The main thing is being out of the direct elements, but don't park your butt on the side of a cliff either. If in a group, huddle up together to keep warm.

It is always good to know how to get good clean drinking water and make a fire too. I might add that shelter is a mini version of survival in most cases.

Survival is everything above and beyond. You are possibly in eminent danger and your skills will be tested regularly. You may actually need to rub to sticks together to make fire, pass great distances and create your own path forward.

Every action will have a consequence. In the movies, they make it look easy and natural. When fighting for your life, nothing is farther from the truth. 

You will have had some type of training, scout course, military boot camp, tactical training or combination of all 3 and more. An unnatural event has occurred. This is why you are here. 

One of the worst situations is being in the water after a boating accident or at night and nobody notices. In this case, keeping your head above water is your best resolve. Finding something that floats to hang on to is a must at this point.

Something has happened, storm, war, crash, flood, tsunami or you may have become separated from your group. At any rate you will decide your own fate by your actions.

 Finding small animals or fish, killing them, cooking them and eating them is a skill within a skill. Knowing which berries are poisonous and which are not is vital to survival.Setting a trap may seem primitive, but you plan on walking out of here alive.

There is no, one size fits all here or this is the only way to do something. Every situation is different and therefore needs to be addressed in the moment, but the skills always lean toward moving forward. Keep moving, don't stop until a safe condition is established or rescue is in site.

Some of the best survival experts have used camping as a launch pad into the woods and continue paying it forward by teaching the rest of us.


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