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The Drama of Fast Freedom

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about. It's just a boat!

I agree, who cares?

Have you ever brought something thinking, did I get a good deal or was this a mistake? Am I ever going to use this thing or will it become something I never use or maybe just a dust collector?

Maxum bowrider

I wanted to buy a boat. Maybe I'll wait 10 years. Ya, now that is a safe bet. But wait, maybe I should just go for it. I don't know. "Screw it, what do I have to lose?"

We decided to buy a boat. Twenty foot, 24 or 38-40 foot, why not. I want a catamaran. We went to boat shows in Providence and Hartford. I want something.

We saw an old piece of shtttttttttttt on the side of the road for 500 bucks. They invested in brand new seats for an aged "Galaxy." Maybe I'll go halves with one of my kids and buy it. I'm getting anxious. Let's buy it or not. In the end do I want an old boat with brand new seats? They look pretty good.

I can't afford the brand new boats even at boat show prices!

We went to Norwich and looked at used boats near the marina. We stepped on the back of a swim platform attached to a small boat. The front of the boat  jumped up a little as we boarded the small craft that was on its trailer.

Backside of Maxum bowrider

I looked at my partner and we were hooked. A song was playing in the shipyard in the back ground at the shipyard. "Fast Cars and Freedom by Rascal Flats."

The salesman tryed to sell us some brand new boats with Satelite Sirus radios in them. But no, we wanted this one.

At 2 years old, we were buying this used boat. He got the paperwork on the boat and a brief story about the first owner.

A young couple bought it at a boat show in 2004. A pleasure boat that he had 4 fishing pole holders and fish finder installed in it as part of the purchase. His girl went out on the maiden voyage with him and did not like it. She said, "Get rid of it, get that fishing boat that you really wanted."

The boat sat at the boat dealer for over a year until we came along in early June of 2006. The dealer wasn't really sure how many hours were on it sense it had been sitting so long. Maybe 100 hours?

To our surprise this boat had well under 20 hours on the motor. I don't know if they even took it out of a second ride.  We were getting a brand new boat at a used boat price!

Although we actually never put the name on the back of the boat, "Fast Freedom was born that day for us."

The galvanized trailer was 4-5 years old and dipping it in and out of salt water and dunking those lights in and out of the water was a pain in the ssssssss.

We tackled those problems with each experience to and from the water. As for the boat it was a dream come true.

Once the boat was landed in the water, any water, it seemed to drive itself.

The boat never let us down. She performed like a dolphin at sea world. From the begining even when we did not know what we were doing the boat never failed us. 

To the ocean or the lake, it did not matter. We once went 43 m.p.h in Weekapaug  Rhode Island in front of the beach. 

Threw calm waters or 5 foot swells in the ocean or travel slow at low tide in 3.5 feet of water with prop slightly up. Traveling in rain or sun the bimini will  protect you from the elements.

We once went out in the fogg with only our witts and the fish finder guiding our depth. 

This boat is a fine piece of art in motion and my first mate thinks I am full of drama. Maybe I am, but to the next owner let me say this.

"Take care of her and she will take care of you and get you home."

We have camped out on many a day on this day boat with coolers, towels and rope. The only thing we upgraded was a battery switch for another battery for those days when you want to anchor out there and listen to the tunes and the waves.

More pictures to come! 

boat images

An 18 foot bowrider with a 190 horse inboard MerCruiser with a 3 foot swim platform is all you will ever need. This Maxum 1800 SC 3 is like a Bayliner on steroids. It sits 5 adults in the back and 1 driver under the bimini or 2 people can stretch out and lounge as seats turn into flat laying area.

We travel with 4-5 people, 3 coolers and plenty of towels to relax at any moment. Of course you may want to use ski ring, tube and rope.

No one has ever skied off this boat. Want to be the first?

My baby above is available on facebook market place. We will miss her for sure when she is gone!


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