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The Eagle has landed.

Back in the day if a bird did cocka on your car it was ugly. If bird poop landed on you or your hat however, that meant good luck.

Weird at best, right?

Brian Adams wrote a song about "The summer of 69."

This is where my story begins and if you are old enough, then you remember it.

Kids where kids and did what every kid did back then. Ride bikes and play outside and news traveled relatively slow. If there was something "live." You were in it.

Boy, we were live alright. Swimming, camping, biking or on foot. Rocky Neck State Park was our home as long term campers back then.

Oh, I almost forgot, the beach. Everyday we got to go to the beach.

School was something that was going to happen sooner or later after summer and the thought of covering my new school books with paperbag covers was not something I wanted to think about right now. Summer is still here and school is not.

Space book cover 1969                September 1969 book cover for those new school books.

Fresh on our minds was president JFK. He was dead, but his words of putting somebody on the moon was within reach. We were all about to share a big surprize. It started to rain at camp and this was not going to be a beach day.

Our little worlds would never be the same. Someone yelled from across the recreation field.

 "Hurry up, come quick. You're going to miss it. Hurry!"

We arrived to a little Scotty trailer and someone had a little black & white tv playing and we saw the astronauts bouncing on the moons surface with the Eagle lunar craft in the back ground. Of course we heard the famous speech for the first time too.

Lunar Eagle Craft

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

This message resonated for months. It was truely a world event. People would come up to us and say. "Did you here the news?" 

"Yep, we saw it at Rocky Neck."

"Know really?"

"Yes, really!"

Sooner than I wanted, summer was over and it was time to go back to school. Space was the talk  everywhere.

 Luck was on our side this year though. No plain old brown paper bag book covers. The eagle has landed. Thanks to my dad who worked for the phone company that made these great book covers.

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