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What are we selling at this moment in time?

These people are having fun and making lasting memories. This event is a moment in time, that might just never happen again. The reason I bring this up is because there are different interuptations of what happens at the picnic table, although each person is truely sitting next to the other person.

I once took my family to an amusement park in New England. We packed the car with 4 adults & 2 toddlers and all that stuff in the trunk. The trunk was packed with folding chairs, strollers, backpacks and a day cooler.

As I was driving and trying to be as safe as possable, we were approaching a critical turn on the turnpike. A very specific spot. Traveling Northwest on route 84 and getting off at exit 33. 

A bend in the road was turning to the left with 3 lanes continuing on 84 west. We were turning to the far right and getting off at Exit 33. Behind us but to the farther right was 3 lanes of traffic merging onto the turnpike from the city and approaching turnpike speeds.

As all this was happening I saw a car coming up FAST in the rear view mirror and switching lanes back and forth cutting other cars off as he passed. This was not good for me, I was getting off. 

The car passed our car and hit another car making that 2nd car turn sideways in front of us and exploding there airbag in the process. I swerved the car back and forth in a quick zig-zag motion. We were getting off that exit lane, but in the process I heard a loud bang. WE clearly hit something in that drivers side left rear quarter panel.

The rear left side would be crinkled and I'd be explaining that one to my insurance company. I pulled the car over in a safe area just off the exit and looked back. Everyone involved in the accident 2,000 feet back was ok. Although those 2 cars had lots of collateral damage.

Now onto my passengers in my car. Two witnesses in my car said I definitely hit someone or something. Two other witnesses in my car said, you didn't hit anything. One person was sleeping and didn't see or hear anything.

Well, now on to the truth, the giant dent for the insurance guy. I did not want to look, but we all looked!

We looked real close. No dent, I mean nothing, not even a scratch. There was a very slight puck from the inside out. Just a little tiny ding. 

From the HARD zig-zag maneuver at the climax of the event, the alumium folding chairs must have smacked the inside of the trunk. This was a good thing.

Even though everyone may have witnessed something different, there clearly was no dents or scratches from the outside of the car.

Friends having a picnic

So, the people at the picnic table could clearly have a different story as to what they did or didn't do at the picnic table. 

Me, I'm just trying to sell you a couple of click here.

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