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What is the earliest backpack you can remember?

What is the earliest backpack you can remember? Well, I grew up in the late 60's and 70's as a kid. Got my licence in 1974 at age sixteen. 

When I started this article, this was my mindset. 

My dad was into scouting, my brother was a Boy Scout around 1964-66. My sister became a Girl Scout from 1966-68. Of course the military was big back then and people were joining up for life time careers.

Me not being in scouts, highly into camping I only seen it one way. If you were a scout or military vet the backpack was part of life. You had just cause for that equipment.

After reading many blogs on other peoples experiences, I stand my ground. Ordinary people(of the USA) or people not scouts/military had no use for them.

At camp and I camped full time every summer for 8-10 years, we did not use backpacks in the USA.

Today you would pack everything from cloths, cell phone, electronics and chargers. You don't want to lose touch with that social media and who has the funniest video.

Back then you only needed your friends, a bike, 2-3 baseball cards and cloths pins to attach them to your bike to make noise. People got lost on purpose to get away from it all and it worked.

The problem for your mom was that, your feet were 2 sizes bigger for school after going bare footed all summer. You were definitely getting new rubber souls for the next grade.

So, I won't speak of what they were doing over in Europe. 

The scouts and military would have carried a knife, flint, tin cup, handbook, compass, canteen, food rations, pen & paper, deck of cards, signaling device and rope. Always moving to achieve the next step forward.

In high school up until around 1976, we all depended on duffel bags, gym bags and suitcases. Those new books, around 7 of them. There was that giant history book at the bottom of the stack. 

Everybody complained about just how heavy they were. You may have had a gym bag after school for sports and snuck a book in, but definitely all the books were carried by hand.

Vintage suitcases

To travel across the country or go to a friends house for the weekend it was suitcases and duffel bags period.

Hiking even back then with a backpack was left to the Boy Scouts. Even when camping again, I never saw a backpack. You would have stuck out like an alien from the future.

Then something happened. The suitcases got dropped or at least made a transformation in to more compact things for planes and trains.

That big suitcase of yesterday was gone. Now, you needed a set that stacked and the duffel or gym bag was being transformed too, Oh boy, here comes the fanny packs of the 80's, roller skates, puffy big hair and the portable head sets.

We needed to go threw the time tunnel, here it comes! It's starting, MTV and Nintendo is just the beginning.

I got my first cell phone from Radio Shack in 1998, it was analog. Today's technology, but soon to be a dinosaur. "Oh come on people, I paid a penny for the phone with a 2 year contract."

Analog, word processors and windows operating system would be going away. The paperless system is starting and phones are getting smarter. Your privacy is about to be hacked into from every direction and guess what? Yep

Throw out that Boy Scout Handbook and tin cup. Backpacks, Backpacks and more Backpacks.

I need more room for cell phone, chargers, tablets, gadgets, selfie stick, water bottles, cloths, sneakers and that stress ball. Hey, throw out those books. We don't have room for that nonsense. Where's the Wifi, I need to check my e-mail?

I would write more here, but my battery is dying and I need to order that new backpack on Amazon. If I order before lunch maybe I can get it before 2 tomorrow, post it to Facebook , get my latte and make it back here to change my profile on Instagram. 

 Boy, I'm tired just thinking about all the stuff I gotta do here!


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