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Who's the winner? Raccoons, your pets or you.

Who's the winner. If in a fight with a raccoon, could you win?

After doing much research on wild animals in the woods, I found the raccoon. Sure, like most animals if cornered it would attack. That is to be expected. If you got bit by a dog or a wild animal, you would go directly to the doctor or hospital for a shot or medical help.

If just passing through and looking for that quick easy meal, it would go for that dog or cat bowl left out. If your pet get's jealous of someone eating from their bowl, they may approach the raccoon. The raccoon will usually just run away. If the raccoon feels threatened and turns back, your pet is in trouble. A small pet will be killed instantly and a big dog or cat that lives will be seriously injured.

Sadly, this is your fault. Do not leave food or your pet outside unattended and never at night!

Raccoons  trample insulation, chew pipes and cables and destroy walls. If they find a way into your house, a raccoon will even damage the roof or the walls, tearing apart shingles and wood planks.

A baby raccoon in a box

            (A baby raccoon in a cardboard box peeking out.)

The area where the raccoon decides to make a den will be contaminated by his feces and urine, which are hazardous to human health. Removing the droppings and sanitizing the area is a dangerous health risk you should not take. Hire a professional.

This is one of the most serious and worrisome facts about raccoons. If the animals start using your yard as a latrine, or if they settle inside your house, their droppings need to be taken very very seriously. They can spread several serious and sometimes fatal diseases.

I must say first though if it's in their poop and your dog eats it. It's in your dogs poop and diseases can enter into your home in this way.

Raccoons are a threat to your pet’s health. The presence of raccoons often goes hand in hand with ticks, fleas or mite infestation putting your pet at a higher risk of diseases. 

 Danger is at your doorstep with raccoon droppings. Raccoon feces and urine are carriers of diseases like Leptospirosis and raccoon roundworm. It is quite easy for your pet to come into contact with or ingest raccoon droppings.

Additionally, if your dog gets infected, his droppings will become dangerous as well, exposing  your family to the same health risks.

Leptospirosis  is a bacteria found in raccoon urine. If the urine touches an open wound or is ingested accidentally, the disease may be contracted. If promptly treated, it can be cured. Otherwise, it can cause kidney failure or meningitis with fatal or devastating consequences to the human body.

Salmonella is another bacteria found in raccoon feces. Infection happens by incidental ingestion. Many people recover without any treatment, but sometimes hospitalization is necessary.

The raccoon roundworm is the most dangerous threat found in raccoon feces. To become infected, you don’t have to touch or ingest the droppings; it is enough just to inhale airborne eggs. That is what make this disease extremely dangerous. Once contracted, the roundworm will attack the brain, the eyes or the spinal cord causing permanent damage or in some cases death. To make matters worse, areas touched by raccoon droppings remain dangerous for several years.

Obviously raccoon droppings are a serious issue. Unfortunately, too often people under estimate the danger. Your young children and pets are at risk and you should be compelled to take action immediately as their health is at risk. 

In the woods while camping though, they are after one thing, an easy meal. That trash can or food you left out. Don't approach them. Let them have it, it's not worth it. In a camping situation the animals are usually just passing through and have no intention of setting up their home in your campsite.

By far this is the most dangerous animal in my opinion, out there in the woods today. Although I don't like spiders and snakes, once a raccoon moves in it's time to take action immediately, like it or not.

A captured baby raccoon.

Get help, call a professional. And to think, I always thought. "What a beautiful animal, they are so cute."

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