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Here are 12 simple tips when camping to go farther and with better results

Here are 12 simple tips when camping to go farther and with better results.

  1. Plan on adjustments to everything. Even though you have planned and prepped for the trip, you will need to be flexible. Sometimes things just happen.
  2. Attitude is not an option, every step has a positive and funny answer. Always stay positive, focused and confident. 
  3. Make noise when setting up camp. No one wants to corner wilderness animals. Always observe where everything is. If the cloths line is down, ask yourself what made it come down?
  4. Setup tent into the wind and the mosquitoes won't come in. Your tent will have an airy breeze! If you setup camp on the edge of the water, guess what?  Mosquitoe breeding ground.
  5. Never place all of one type of item in the same place. There is nothing like digging for all the flashlights in the bottom of a bag in the dark. One clever trick here, is to keep a spare change of cloths in another location. On the last day at camp you pack up and are ready to go. Maybe you didn't have time to shower up and are eating breakfast out on the way home. You know, to celebrate that fantastic trip.                        What if you had tucked a fresh change of cloths under your seat in your car before you started your weekend adventure. Now you're thinking like a genius.
  6. Only cook what you are going to eat. Keep food in air tight containers or in cooler, out of site and out of smell zone of wild animals. Do not sleep with the food or you may have unexpected guests.
  7. Plan an escape route, this is not rocket science. Just an alternate route, but have one. If you ever had to escape from a fire or unexpected event, you'd be glad with that second exit in the opposite direction.
  8. Entertainment. A card game, word game or a story. Let me just add this. Know the skill sets of every member of camp. Yes, that 5 year old is involved. It builds confidence and it's good to be part of a team. It is your job to make everybody feel wanted and needed.
  9. Stick together especially at night. Groups of 2 is acceptable. Share those flashlights. Every one needs a hand to hold on to.
  10.  Like an insurance sales man always closing the deal. In survival, there are many ways to achieve the same results. That's what you want, results!                                                                                                        Basic knowledge reminder here. You need to have access to water and be able to boil it in a pan. Water is like gold. You cook, clean and bath with it.                                                                                                              Also, do not EVER cross contaminate food. Things go downhill very quickly from here. Just don't go there.                                            
  11. A sense of cleanliness is highly advised. Wash your hands often. When using outhouse wash hands. Cooking or prepping food wash before and after task is complete. Showering, it's advised that you don't all use the same towel. 
  12. Fire can produce light or a signal, cook food, dry clothes, keep you warm and keep animals away!  You can bring lighters, torches and matches, but you still have to make the fire. There's no easy button for that, yet!                                                                                                                         Make a leaning "L" shape, Tee Pee or leanto on a 30-40 degree angle. The idea is to make a draft from underneath, fill this space with something that will start fast. Start out small then build the fire higher gradually feeding the flame. Twigs, newspaper and dry kindlin work best before you start putting the bigger pieces on.                             Wind and air flow effect your progress. To get it right the first time, do this. Pick up a bag of tea lights at the store and a long handled light. The kind that starts a gas grill or box of wooden matches. Place one tea light at the base or bottom under newspaper and light it. This will produce a steady flame.                                                            If you need to add one or two more tea lights, do it!                  You will have success in no time. Now get started, this is important. If you never started a fire you will be amazed at yourself. Over time you will find that one trick. It will be whatever way that works for you to complete this task.                                                                                                           YOU HERO YOU. I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!

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