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Are you aware of the etiquette rules in camping?

Are you aware of any unwritten rules at camp? Sure, you got the list at the check-in point. 

Let's see, quite time after 10 p.m., no fires in non designated  areas, no drinking, no nudity and no fireworks. I am sure I missed a few.

What I am talking about is totally different. Respect your neighbors and there privacy. It is your job to make sure no body is belligerent in your group. At the same time though, if a neighbor or the camp staff ask for your assistant and you are able, assist them. 

It might seem obvious. You have to keep the peace and be a good neighbor. In essence you need to juggle the line. You may not like the neighbor or the rules, but everyone needs to get along.

Yes, help thy neighbor, but don't be too friendly either. They might not want to share a morning coffee with you. Make friends.

I will say the same for nature. Respect nature and don't leave your garbage behind. A light foot print of things that are found in nature is okay though. Such as that neat stacked fire wood or a brush pile. I always think twice back home before getting rid of a brush pile. Just how many rabbits won't survive the winter if I get rid of this brush pile now?

Happy camping folks, I know you will do the right thing. 

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