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Do you suffer from stress, depression and anxiety? A change may be needed.

        Do you suffer from stress, depression and anxiety? A change of scenery away from the fast pace maybe just be what the doctor ordered.

        I am no doctor and I can't offer you medical advise, but have you ever wondered why campers are so energized and happy?

        It's a long time secret of the campers. They find a way to get away, relax and decompress all at the same time. Yes, it's true. You can't make this stuff up.

Exercise to start the day off right..

        No one likes to exercise, myself included. It's hard. 

        Here today is a picture of a small friend of mine. She will make you feel young and full of energy and actually you will want to try and keep up.

        Camping, once you reach you destination is all about inspiring you. I am talking about car camping. Pull up to a campsite with a number assigned to it and pull your tent and all your stuff out and get started. It sounds like work, but once the tent is up or your trailer is unhitched and leveled, the fun begins.

        You should stretch first and then unpack your temporary home. Take a deep breath and get at it. After the tasks above are done, you will be tired. But the good kind of tired. The stress, anxiety and depression will be gone. Why? Because you simply won't have time for it.

Get inspired by camping.

        You are in adventure mode, something you can't get in the big city, at home or on your daily commute. 

        What is the key here, I mean what's the secret or big deal you ask? The big deal is that you are getting exercise by moving around and using different muscles. You are competing with your partner or family members in a friendly manner in a natural way. You are breathing fresh air and using mechanical skills.

        You have left that stressful environment behind, if only for a short period of time. But it is gone. You now have a full set of new priorities to deal with. What are you going to cook to eat, the need for firewood and what to do after that.

        You may want to drink, sleep or adventure. Don't worry, you have plenty of time to do all that. 

        I don't have to tell you, but keep moving. Exercise is good for your health and mind. You will be stimulated and inspired. In essence, you have created a new you, the happy camper. 

        Yes, a better version of yourself!

        Bring that back to the big city after a successful weekend!


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