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The Camp Store

The problem solvers live at the camp store.

Brown Bear

You should not be buying any major purchases at the camp store. Now, having said that, we need to respect their position.

                                                             Tanned feet in the sand.


If you need to buy something there, the prices will be higher of course!

You are paying that young persons salary. They are there for you and are your friend and problem solvers. They have the rules, schedules and guests expectations all laid out.


                                         Camping in the State Forest in New England.


If rule is no drinking alcohol. Ah, that means no alcohol. Smoking cigarettes is acceptable in some areas.

Now, having fun,playing, swimming, having fires in certain areas and cooking is all accepted and is highly encouraged.

                                             State Forest boat sign for canoes and paddle boats.

Everyone wants you to have a good time and respect others. Follow the rules and nobody should get into trouble. Watch out for yourself and your neighbor.

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