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The do's and don'ts of drinking water

Our bodies are made up of two third water. We can't live long without h2o.

Drinking water is plentiful at home from the faucet. Drinking bottled water is safe too. Now drinking from the pond or nature while camping, is that safe to drink?

I lean on the side of caution. Don't drink it unless you have a way to filter it. Getting sick in the woods will screw up any camping trip. Use a filter system. They are available on line for under 20 bucks. A filtered straw is designed to take out 99 percent of contaminates.

Ocean  surfer

Water is abundant everywhere in the woods and has many many uses. You can bath in it, wash you cloths and swim in it. Animals in nature use it too. There maybe parasites or bacteria in the water too. It won't usually harm you though, unless you drink it. Don't drink it!

Salt water from the ocean is not drinkable either. You can not filter easily.

The good news is that with the right filtered straw , you can drink fresh water. If you don't have a filtered straw. you can boil it to make it drinkable.

Rain water can save your butt too. I must warn you though, get it straight from the source. If you collect rain water from the roof of your house to feed plant life. That's one thing, but to drink water that has run off of black tar and shingles. That's bad.

Condensation by trapping water is a challenge I hope you never have to make. For a big effort the reward in water is very very small. There is a movie out there with Robert Redford, it's called "All is lost." Toward the end of movie he uses this method.

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