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The House and the Beach

      The house was not at the beach. This story is about a family of six.


      The story started some years back. My parents were the typical family. Mom worked at home, and dad worked all day away from home.

      The family was getting big with 4 kids, and my parents were thinking of moving out of the house they were renting on Maple Street. They started looking and found a new home for us all to live in rather quickly. A deal was struck with the owner of a house on the outskirts of town and we began to pack up our stuff. Bringing the stuff to Aunt's and Uncle's temporarily until the move.

      It was the end of the school year and June 1st was two weeks away!

      The landlord was given notice and everything was fine. He had new people coming in June 1st, so things could not be any better. We were all very excited.

      The owners of the new house threw a wrench into our hands that changed everything!

      They wanted to stay in the house until the end of summer and that was the deal now. Deal or no deal? We could do a closing at anytime, but no moving in until September 1st.

      My parents agreed on a hand shake and that was that. Now, my parents were pretty smart people, but this?

      We were out in the street in two weeks and who would take a family of six? I mean, Mom, Dad. What the heck?

      It wasn't long after that, my dad came up with a plan. He had some buddies that were still in the service, so he loaded up our old station wagon with a green Army tent, plywood, cots and a gas stove. We were going camping and with a plywood floor. Wow!

      Well, that was the best summer ever. We went to Rocky Neck State Park and enjoyed full time camping. The beach every day and an outdoor movie every Friday night.

      We camped all summer for another 9 or 10 years after that. There was only one problem that we had every summer. Can you guess what it was?


The problem was nobody ever wanted to go back home with dad to cut the grass!


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