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The Twisted Prepper

You will likely disagree with my approach here.

I shovel snow. Why do people get heart attacks from shoveling snow? Of course, I am not a doctor. So, the simple answer would be that you are out of shape or your body is not ready for a sudden burst of energy and a thrust of weight on your body.

I make a list before I go shopping. If I can't come up with 10-12 things that I need, then I won't need to go shopping, period!

You read about prepping, buy stuff and maybe even buy those dry food products in the mylar bags that last forever or 25 years.

Well people, you might not be ready and need to be aware of a challenge around the corner. Those people on tv that jump out of the planes and get left there, that's not you. Oh, and Duck Dynasty in camo, you know that's not real, RIGHT? It's edited for your entertainment.

 Here's a simple test and I mean TEST, because you might just be shocked with the outcome.

Make yourself a list of 20 things for bug out. I mean grab and go, the ship is about to blow!

Now, your backpack and what you are wearing are 2 of the items here. Oh, whoops!

The list just got reduced to 15 items and I gave you the first 2 above. Now, it's you and a friend. You have wet sneakers on and your friend just sat in something wet. They have wet pants. Not the ideal situation here, but there's a plan in site.

This is awful. "Where is Will from Duck Dynasty!"

Here's the plan. You just got out of your car. You and your friend have 5 hours to hike 5 miles and meet  another friend that can bring you to safety and out of a bad situation. Oh and this guy with the wet pants forgot his backpack in the rush when jumping out of your car.

Now, look at my picture here. I am not perfect, but  I am your partner. We will get thru this and make it to the third guy with the get away car and dry cloths.


Why will we make it? Cause I've been here before, that's why.

Look, an average person can walk a mile in 20 minutes. This is bad, but doable. Has your car ever broke down and you had to walk or wait in the freezing cold for help. 

 When your adrenaline kicks in, you can do this. I'm not going to paint you a perfect picture here.

Well, my feet are sore and you are cold and uncomfortable, but you know what? All the whining and complaining won't get the job done. We just got to suck it up.

I beg you to walk 5 hours in wet cloths with a friend for a couple of miles. This is survival. The thing is, if you don't spend 4-5 hours on your own to meet some result. Well, you will be shocked when it does happen.

I am sure you see my point. Dust off your walking stick and get going. No amount of practice will get you fully prepared, but you will be ahead of the next guy.

I am sorry I have painted such a dark story for you and I thought I should make it, "Bright and Fluffy." To be honest, I would be doing you more harm, tough it out.

At least plan a rendezvous with a twist, you will find out who you are!

Let's see, I can't make the sun shine. Maybe, I will bring you a pretty girl, you imagine she's walking her dog in the White Mountains, but lost. You come along and save her. The end!

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