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Throw back Thursdays

Back in the day there was no internet, vcr's or color tv! 

Yes, the pictures were grainy at best, but life was good.

News traveled slow, like sometimes a week depending on where you were at.

Camp in 1972

But life was very colorful and unscripted. Advertisement was a young baby pulling her bottom piece of summer swimwear down to show off that coppertone sun line. Electricity to the house averaged under a buck a day. When we first got cable tv it was less than thirty dollars a month. Of course you only got five channels, but it was enough.

As I remember, my parents were able to take us camping all summer long and it was much much cheaper than staying home. If you were home you were definitely outside all day until dark or supper time, period. The word "couch potatoe" was not in the dictionary yet.

Our family was poor, we didn't have much money. As my Dad always said "We don't have much money, but we sure have a lot of fun."

Camp site in 1972

The news paper was the only news for the most part.. Our country, the U.S. of A, always gave to other countries in hard times no matter what. The English ruled by "The Queen" was the only country we didn't help.

It was quite simple to understand too. That's where we came from and the whole idea of the "New Americas" was to break from the rule of a King or Queen and become independant. Unlike the king and queen, whom were above the law of the land.

In this world far away we could be as inventive and free as we wanted. People used this privilege wisely. All people were acknowledged as equal and friendly. I never even knew of bad or evil persons in my teen years!

Life was good!

We saw families come and go at the campground and I never saw anyone get kicked out of a camp spot until I was in my mid-thirties.


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