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How about a new approach to covid-19?

We are riddled with questions and it has sabotaged our social society. We want answers.

Selling you a fanny pack is a sales pitch, but with something new you can start a original tradition. We our all in a bad situation here and when it's all over you will want to buy something new for yourself or a friend to move forward.

You want to know who has the corona virus, where the hot spots are and why is it so hard to get a test, right? 

I am not a doctor for sure and young people just want to get the REAL facts and help someone. Anyone.

I feel your pain and this virus has got us stumped.

It is sad that we need to get a high fever, have a breathing problem then get sick in order to get help.

So here's the new approach and maybe just a little better understanding for you.

United hands

After all fluff does not belong here. Fluff is something I mix with peanut butter.

Todays big story is about anti-bodies.

Two biotech companies in the city of Telliride Colorado are doing a test on everyone of every age for free with in the town. Approximately 8,000 people will be tested for the Corona virus anti-body in their blood.

If you have it, it could be used to treat people with the same blood type in servere need of an antibiotic for the virus.

This blood test in itself is simple and with very little cost assoiciated with it. In this case, free. The blood test is very specific and these types of tests have been done many times for varous viruses.

They are looking for corana virus anti-bodies in the red blood cells.

If you here the words "Blood Plasma," in the news, they are talking about the same thing.

In plain english, results will be you have the it(corona virus), you did have it or you never had it. 

Experts are looking for the people that had the virus & recovered.

Let's take 2 different senerios, but before we do understand this. The results will give us the demergraphics we are looking for. The specific numbers, age groups and conditions of peoples health in a certain region will be revealed in the very near future from this test.

Let's take 2 different senerios below. 

You are a 26 year old female that has B positive blood type. You had the virus and feel light headed or maybe ran a temperture one day. The amune system you have is strong and without you even noticing it your body fought it and anti-bodies were formed in your blood after fighting this corana thing.

Therefore, you have the Corana Anti-bodies in you blood. This is a good thing.

Now the second senerio. A friend of yours is sick, real sick. They might not make it, but a dose of blood with the corona anti-bodies could save their live or start to reverse the process.

We don't presently have a shot that covers corona virus, there may not be one for another 18 months. 

To everyones surprise, this blood plasma with the corona anti-bodies may safe lifes, if you have them and are willing to give blood to help out.

Time will tell if this will work. If you read this, spread the word. It could be one way out of this if we all stick together.



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