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about us

  "We are presently not open for business, checkout our blogs for now"

                    You're the reason we created this camp supply store.

                                                                                 (I hope it's Smooth Surfering for you.)

        You deserve to have products that give you the best camp experience.

        You deserve the freedom to create stories and adventures with family and friends that make them laugh.

        You should celebrate and embrace all these experiences.

        Have fun every step of the way, you deserve it. Life is too short for anything else!

        At the end of the day, you can say, "I have the freedom to express my dreams".

        You create the stories and we will supply the things we think you might need.

                                                                                        Hold onto your shirt

        Who is better than you, at telling it like it is?


              I have given up on that perfect photo op,when I am not working for you, I am looking for you at "jim's beach".

                    Be happy my friends!