Free Shipping on all orders under 4.5 lbs.






  • Shipping will be "Free Shipping", for most all products. Exception number one, if you have a Large order with multiple items, if it goes over the 4.5 lbs, standard shipping will be applied. There is a good chance that, all your items will not be shipped from the same warehouse in this case.
  • Exception number two, is for if, "product is advertised as free". If item or product is free, standard shipping rate may be applied.
  • By agreeing to order from us, you must accept our offer here in good faith. Also, we have the right to change this policy at anytime and you agree here to except this offering.
  • For checkout carts weighing 4.6 lbs and above, standard shipping fees may be applied.
  • We only ship to United States at this time.