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Mission Statement

"We are not open for business at this time."   

People at picnic table. 

Like any true Scout, we need to be truthful and follow the oath that we believe in. Your Journey Awaits. If fun escape challenges is what you want, this is it. 

Here at Smooth Camp Zone, you are the Mission. For us, what greater value is there, then to be part of your growth on this journey.

Enjoy the ride, we will do everything possible to make it a Smooth One!


A scouting we will go.

Camping, it's the last frontier. Look, Alaska is great, but we are giving the state too much credit.
There are many more chances for you to venture out in the lower 48!
Camping can be fun, exciting and an unplanned, unscripted escape. There are many advantages to your health, including exercise, outdoor cooking and being socially excepted.
The list goes on and on. Your adventure awaits.
"Please,please,please, don't take my word for it".
"just go for it"!
If you have never brewed fresh coffee over an open fire with a perculator, you're just not living!
If you have not gathered in an instant to play a round of sports with new friends, you are not living life to its fullest!
Tell spooky stories over a fire pit or in a tent after dark. Again, you are missing out on some good times. The sky is the limit as a star gazer. When was the last time you "looked for the Big Dipper or the Little Dipper"?
Yes, put the cell phone down, turn the tv off and forget about the fast food.
We are going for the next fun escape challenge, maybe a combo of swimming, frisbee, hiking and something for a snack from your new backpack.
I always look forward to seeing a friend of mine, who always has a new challenge or interesting ideas of what to do outside. "Step out of the box".
I challenge you right now! "Got Fire?"
There is wood, broken branches, leaves. You got a lighter?
Maybe not, so start out small. Matches, portable grill, some hot dogs and buns!
You say you got that already. OK!
How about the tent,sleeping bag and a cooler for your drinks and those hot dogs.
Ok, I admitt , I've been doing this for awhile. But,
you can do this with the combination of your ideas and the skills of your friends. Well, you're in!
You don't need the biggest and the best of anything.
I am telling you to go CHEAP. Any budget can get camping going in a hurry and make fun of your new found challenge!
Some items you can get for FREE. Wood, matches and some food from the frig.
Now, you need to go CHEAP,REAL CHEAP!
Ok, I get it. Remember I said any budget. Start out small , a day trip. Picnic, cooler and table cloth and that folding chair. Throw in a sleeping bag from your home. See, you did it. I can guarantee you are going to want to do it again. 

Now, here's the thing. If you like doing the same thing everyday at the same time. You know, "the routine, the schedule". I am sorry, I have wasted your time.
Please leave and go back to the rat race!

Some people and by the way I mean "you". Are writing your own camp story. Right here, right now.
I'd like to tell you ,there is a hidden secret that I have. But guess what? I don't!
I can try to sell you the items I think could work on your next adventure and that seems fair. Right.

But, the adventure, that's all on you! Don't let yourself down!
I will never try to sell you food or a magic potion.
But the rest of the stuff why not?

Welcome to the smooth camp zone. I hope you can have a fun escape challenge on any budget. So, get out there today.
We at Smooth Camp Zone would love to here from you!