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Best of Camping after the crowd has gone

The best of camping is just before summer or  right after it. Either the kids are still in school or they are leaving camp to go back to school.

You will have challenges though and it will be real quite. No yelling and you don't have to bark out orders to keep everyone in line.

Sure it's cooler in the off season, but most of us like wearing a sweatshirt on a cool breezy day. You may even know of someone that likes to snuggle up close at night at a campfire or in a tent. 

When you plan it right you will enjoy every minute of peace and take in your flavor of adventure. We have always traveled in a tent and usually have our canoe tied to the truck for that afternoon on the river.

You can do without the boat and enjoy the bright colors of fall. Some pick apples and some pick pumpkins. Most of the time you don't need much ice for the cooler.

Hiking and site seeing are everybody's favorite

Here in New England there are fall festivals all around.

If camping and dressing in layers you will need to bring a change of cloths and an extra blanket. Of course that new sleeping one 

By this time your tent and camping supplies are all broken in from camping with the crowd. Prepping food for 2-4 people should be easy. Plan on cooking one thing that everybody likes.

Staying warm and dry is a must. Plan accordingly and keep moving. The bugs will not be an issue in the cooler weather.

If leaving camp for the day to travel in your vehicle for that special event or day trip, take the food and cooler with you. If there is no food left behind, you got a pretty good chance of coming back with no unexpected guests.

Conceal the cooler or food with cloths, jacket or whatever you have locked in the car, while on that day trip.

Keeping the radio on at the picnic table at night makes the animals think twice. Do not eat food in your tent at night after dark. You are only inviting danger. Also, don't store food in the tent where you are sleeping.

Follow these basic tips and you should do just fine. If your tent does have a visitor and the tent becomes damaged you can always sleep in the car overnight. 

There are many camp grounds that are free or at huge discounts in the off season. Enjoy this time and pack light. For a short camp trip you won't need much. Water, shelter, food and a place to park your butt.


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