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Do You Know The Essential Three M's?

Whether you are a tent camper or sleep above ground, you will find common ground. A outside fire, toasted marshmellow and a folding chair will do


Mirror bear.

The friendships start with as little as borrowing a cup of sugar to an invite to play cards with the neighbor.

                                                M+ = M

If it's your first trip to camp you may be curious as to what to bring for a short trip of a few days to pack light.

Bring tooth brush, towel, toilet paper, medications and aspirin.

For camp food, keep it simple. 

Bring food that is already prepped such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, chips, snacks, your favorite drink and water. Oh, and those buns for the meat.

We are talking about grilling food with your favorite toppings.

Sure, you could always put an apron on if you think of it.

You will need a pan or pot at least and plan on brewing your own coffee too.

                                              "Remember the 3m's"

            If you have not guessed it, here's the clue!

                                                "MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE"

       You may spend sometime inside. However, you will be seeing your neighbor when out at the fire pit..

I will sharing a recipe to break the ice here, but first a little advise.


Pro Tip:

Bring 2 coolers.

One for all the food and the other for plenty of ice and cold drinks. 

That way you could cook the foods(meat) that starts to thaw out first.

"Now for that recipe I promised."

Smooth Camp Zone Taco Salad


        --  1 large bag of Doritos (Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese)

        --  1 bottle Catalina Dressing

        --  1 packet of Taco Seasoning

       --  1 head of lettuce

       --  two large tomatoes

       --  1.5 lb hamburger


         1. Cook hamburger and drain

         2. Add taco seasoning packet as directed on label

         3. Move seasoned hamburger into bowl

         4. Add bag of cheese while still warm

         5. Chop and add lettuce

         6. Cut tomatoes in small bites size pieces

              and remove excess water

         7. Add Catalina Dressing


              Chips can be added before serving or on the side.

              Chips will get soggy if added early. To save space this salad

              can be stored in the fridge in gallon size bag.

        For a special anytime hot chocolate or maybe a surprise gift.

        That pajama bear is available here.


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