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Vintage Cotton Twill Cap - smooth camp zone
Vintage Cotton Twill Cap - smooth camp zone

Vintage Cotton Twill Cap

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Get in the fun zone with a new cap with a washed out vintage feel. The dad's cap is in with a new twist. "YOU."

    Everybody likes embroidered stuff.


  • Made in the USA
  • 100% cotton twill
  • 6-panel eyelets
  • Adjustable snap buckle with brass finish
  • Choose Gray or Black
  • Black sweatband in front
  • Estimated delivery in 8 days 
  • Ships Free to your door step 


Smooth Camp Zone Logo Hat    Snow Saturday in April 2020. Take that Corona Virus!
    The gang will be slowing down to check you out. 

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This product above the "Vintage Cotton Twill Cap" falls into that catergory.

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