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3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down is about Navigation of this website.

Look, you are at the Home Page and looking around, but you're thinking, I want to see a little more. I mean, there must be something that I'm missing. 

Where's the experience or what makes this website any different than the next one?

Well, for one thing, it's not peppered with advertisement and banners everywhere. But I will say if you wait 5-10 seconds, you may be asked to subscribe to our e-mail list and get a 20 percent discount on that first purchase. After you "x" out of that, you will not be prompted again.


Door #1 This will open your insites to the workings of the website.                         If you go to the top right hand side on Home Page, you will see this. Three lines almost like writing a musical note. Click on them, that is your Menus to our products.  GEARS TRAIL BUSTERS SHELTER or BLOG.                                      Do you see it, this is your way in?                                                                             Have fun trying to find products with our QUIRKY submenus.

Door #2 Sure I get it, but I just want to see the COLLECTIONS. I don't care about going thru the menus. Where's the stuff I want to see?                          "You want me to get you on the STRETCHER. You want to get out of here FAST. "                                                                                                                      Okay, with just a minimum amount of work, I'll get you there. Go to the 3 musical looking bars, click on Shelter and go to Stretcher.                             You got that? It's amazing when you can just go directly to that favorite Collection to see what's new!                                                                               A quick note about Heroes and the Tool Shed sub menus.                               If you can't find what you're looking for, it may be in one of these 2 menus. At my house if I can't find something, it's usually in the tool shed. Something as small as a piece of jewelry or sunglasses can be a real Hero.

Door #3 The site is great and all, but I don't want to look at any of your products or be forced to buy from you. I just want to READ and be INFORMED. I mean, "What ya got for me to read and who are you?"                The easy solution is to scroll down to the bottom of the Home Page and read everything on the left and comment on the blogs, if you wish.                                                                                                                          Of course if you are hungry for more Blogs, we have 3 categories. With a little effort on your part, you can find them at the top after opening those 3 black bars at the top of the page. Camping  Best Self or Top 12 Camp List.     My favorite and the Very Very beginning for me was "The Orange Peanut" and "The House and the Beach."                                                                          If you need to Squeeze out or branch out to more products, look for Blogs that have an affiliate link in them. Note here though, you will be brought to a third party and you will be bound by that sites rules or terms of service. I may get a commission if you buy something from them at no extra cost to you. If you start getting peppered with advertising you will certainly know that you have left the Smooth Camp Zone site.