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Best Top 12 Camp Essentials



Hello Campers.

You will ALWAYS want to CHECK OFF your list. It is IMPORTANT that you are PREPARED.

  1. FIRST AID KIT.  At the very least .  Box of Bandaids,  Ointments for burns and scratches and something to wrap that cut or burn in. Gauze is best. A towel or ripping up a t shirt can always do the trick here. Grab a basic FIRST AID KIT,  there is NO EXCUSE. You NEED THIS.
  2. YOUR PERSONAL SPACE. Look, you need  STUFF.                   Toothbrush(You're not sharing mine). Deoderant, Tin Cup,  "Wipes, toilet paper or towels".   These items can be a life saver when someone has a mini crisis.                                                                        CHECK Off at least one of these ITEMS: Aspirin, lotion, BUG SPRAY, Tweezers, cigerettes, candy or cough drops.                                             YOU GOT THE BUG SPRAY?
  3. TENT. If doing anything over night shelter is a must. Get a TENT big enough for everyone in your party.                                 One more thing here is a Tarp. Small is SUFFICIENT. 6x8 or 10x12 LOOK, you will need to cover something. Guaranteed. A wood pile, a stove, cloth something. This ITEM will not be just hanging around collecting dust.
  4. SLEEPING BAGS. I call this the Emergency Blanket. Where you will need to be Warm and Cozy. A Blanket is nice and you should have one, the sleeping bag YOU MUST HAVE.                                         IF, you continue going camping you will become more organized and want a piece of PADDING for under your sleeping bag if sleeping on the ground and not on a folding Cot.
  5. CAMP CHAIRS.  If setting up camp for the summer or more than a couple of weeks. You can use your outside plastic molded chairs.        When camping on "the fly" or the rest of us. And that means "you and me"  FOLDING CAMP CHAIRS, when New they come in there own camp bag. Sure, you can go out and get the biggest and the best.           Don't waste your MONEY , get a basic chair that you feel comfortable in that will hold your body weight. Of Course you want sides to REST your hands and with a Drink holder space. Your kitchen STOOL will not do the trick here.
  6. LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS. Handle Held, Flat Surface, Hanging lights.                   YOU need at a minimum 2 flashlights. You can go ALL OUT and get 5 lights of any variety.  Another option is to grab a couple Solar Light from your backyard or purchase a spotlight that stakes into the ground.
  7. CAMPING STOVE.  A small charcoal (portable) that fits in a box will do. It's not the box here. It's the fact that you can either Fold it, Break it down or lift it EASILY.  Make sure there is a grill surface. "the grills".                                                                                                            I love the portable folding Coleman gas grill. That's classy. But you don't want to be worrying where your going to get you next bottle of gas on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND after partying.  No one wants to leave the campsite.                                                                                                 If you get a small charcoal grill, you have OPTIONS.  Regular charcoal, Premium varieties of charcoal, but best of all. OH, LIGHTER FLUID, you need that.                                                                                   Oh Ya.  BEST OF ALL if you're out of fuel and down and out . YOU GUESSED IT, you can always find wood to burn. With not too much EFFORT you can get it usually for FREE.  It's everywhere in the woods.
  8. COOKING PAN SET.  Basic 3 piece Deep Pan, Small Fry Pan and LID.  Also, 2 Steak knifes and box of plastic silverware.
  9. ROPE, BUNGEE , Twine or Racket Straps.  I know what your thinking, but you only need to CHOOSE ONE. That's it. Tie that boat up, hang those wet cloths or tie that TARP down.
  10. BACKPACK.  Get a good one that works for you! My big 35 liter Backpack is not good for skinny 112 pounds you.                  If possible pick out your own bag.
  11. NOW, my favorite part the last 2 items.  FOOD FOOD FOOD and COOLERS. Big ones, little ones, baby ones.                            OK, I am getting carried away here!                                     Get one main cooler for cold drinks, milk and meat that needs it. You will need ICE or at least know where to get it.  Get second cooler (small) soft one with strap to put over you shoulder. This is for the day trips. But, when main cooler needs to be cleaned out for fresh stuff , this cooler is the "backup cooler" for all that stuff that you ain't throwing out.
  12. FAMILY and FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS and NATURE.                IT'S ALL ABOUT YOUR FUN ESCAPE CHALLENGES.      Welcome to Smooth Camp Zone