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Fun Escape Challenges customized by You

This is the part where I say, "Hey visit"  or I could just say follow us on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. 

I prefer one sales channel "you". Listen, read the story and if you don't like the trail I'm on jump off. It's perfectly ok, I've been on that side.

Salesman are pushy, push me off the cliff. But just let me say one thing here. I'm slow , real slow. I take my own pictures whenever possable.

New Hampshire is a little slice of heaven and as beautiful as these pictures are it's that much better in person.




 Sure I know what you are thinking. Where's the tent? Well, in New Hampshire land of live free or die.  This is a "cloudy day" with mountains in the back drop. We pulled off the highway here. If I had a canoe tied to the top of my car, I would have launched it here. This is all natural and campsites and camp grounds are abundant a little drive away.

Insert your adventure here. Are you ready? The folks around here would call this a day trip. You need a cooler, hiking boots, thermos and friends to start your Fun Escape Challenge.

The picture below. Yep, You guessed it. Same place, twenty feet from top photo! Remember camping is only limited by your imagination.....


 Oh yeah, the soft cooler bag. I almost forgot!         

Jimbolie the Happy Camper