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The Secret Spot

        There you are at that special location for lovers, friends or just to relax. You have discovered the perfect gem!

        Hello Shelley and thanks for being my first friend on pinterest. I would share a spot at table one anytime with you. Bring your favorite vegan dish and I'll bring the twisted tea's.

            "Ah, Shell, we now have other followers behind us now. Should I tell them or do you want to tell them"?

            Camping out. It's unscripted, anyone can do it and you can do it anywhere.

(Having a campfire out in the backyard.) 

            My new followers, this blog is dedicated to you, thanks for joining our small circle of friends.

            Before starting here I asked Jara to go to smoothcampzone and check it out. Tell me what you think.

      Sure she said. After click, click and more clicks. She said "Dad, it doesn't do anything. I don't get it".

      More click, click, click. "Sorry nothing here!"

          (Smoothcampzone , a registered trademark.)


      "What's with the bear anyway?

      "That's right, nothing.  Fun Escape Challenges, it does nothing."

      The adventure lies within. I could read you a book, I could describe a tv show heck we could eat chips like lazy couch potatoes and I could moan at every bite.


      So camping is a feeling, it's a stance, an experience and oh yeah it's a story! You can't get it reading a book at home, can't get it on your phone and the potatoe chip monster. Well, forget about him.

      "Ok, I get it, it's a state of mind, adventure and escape, all in one place."


      So the adventure begins here.                                                                                 (Camping at Lot# 16.)           

       Plan, plan, plan and more planning. Schedule events for your 3 day camp outing.

      Like you would at home. Socks and underdraws in top draw. Shirts and tops in 2nd draw. Sweaters in 3rd draw and pants on bottom. Organize your stuff. Cookware and food together and pillow, blanket and personnel high gene in there own duffel bag.

      Got it.

      Now here's the important step, turn around and do a one eighty!

      No, No, you did it right, but........

      We are turning this ship around. Just try doing those scheduled events you have planned. You will get thru the first two or three then BAMM!

      You will be having so much fun the time will get away from you and another adventure will lead you. The park walk turns into a quick swim. The scheduled hike turns into a stop for ice cream and the cranky kids in the car waiting to check into camp. They are already climbing out of the car.

      Wait, wait, wait a minute. This is that part where I squeeze ya for a sale.

      So, I wanted a product here that could do double duty or help you with a multi task. Clever yet smart and also, if you buy it. You are actually going to use it!

      I'm thinking "cookie," now that's weird!

      I've been on a few sites recently and there even telling you that there following you with cookie crumbs. Not here, it's just me and that silly bear.

      The cookie (aka the Pocket Mirror) and a water bottle. The oreo cookie, you can't eat it. You can use it as a pocket mirror, signaling device, comb your hair or just  look cool with it.

      You can use the oreo or just cover your head with a cap in your own personnel space. Here we go the pocket mirror and the personnel space round hippie blanket.

      Let's see, where were  we? Oh, yeah , the kids driving you crazy while you check in with the camp staff.

      Little diversions help here. A mini crisis bag or two or three.

      So, do the following before you leave the house. After stuffing your fanny pack and everything you organized. pack a couple mini random object bags. These should be extra's of what you already have.


      Number one, pack 4 large sandwich bags, ziplocks. One with a tooth brush, paste, deck of cards and a snack. Next bag, wash cloth, soap, hand wipes and deodorant. On to bag three. Candy, flashlight and spare top, shorts or swim suit.

      Bag four is your choice. Mine is extra sunglasses, lip balm, bug spray and matches. I'm definitely starting something when I get there!

      Your backpack is your friend here. Stuff the zips where ever you see fit!

Now that everything is in order or distributed into different areas, you can't fail or falter. It's time to go to your secret spot and relax. Bring as many friends as you like. 

The best secrets are usually hidden in plain site. Check out my family at camp busy doing their own thing. That's me in the doorway with the red bathing suit.


                                            A typical campsite in the 70's


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